Guillaume Carret

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The aggregation of human α-Synuclein (α-Syn) into amyloid fibrils is related to the onset of multiple diseases termed synucleinopathies. Substantial evidence suggests that hydrophobic-hydrophilic interfaces promote the aggregation of amyloidogenic proteins and peptides in vitro. In this work the effect of the air-water interface (AWI) on α-Syn aggregation(More)
Dissolution of hyperpolarized species in liquids of interest for NMR is often hampered by the presence of bubbles that degrade the field homogeneity. Here a device composed of a bubble pump and a miniaturized NMR cell both fitted inside the narrow bore of an NMR magnet is built by 3D printing. (129)Xe NMR experiments performed with hyperpolarized xenon(More)
The advent of spin-hyperpolarization techniques designed to overcome the sensitivity issue of nuclear magnetic resonance owing to polarization transfer from more ordered systems has recently raised great enthusiasm. However, the out-of-equilibrium character of the polarization requires a close proximity between the area of production and the site of use. We(More)
In this article we show that circulation of the sample in a closed-loop circuit combined to microsized detection can lead to a significant signal NMR enhancement. We present an optimized NMR device based on a mini bubble-pump associated with fluidics and microdetection that can be installed on a commercial NMR spectrometer. In addition to a significant(More)
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