Guillaume Brau

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Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is a relevant approach to support the engineering of distributed embedded systems with performance and dependability constraints. MDE involves models definitions and transformations to cover most of the system life-cycle: design, implementation and Verification & Validation activities towards system qualification. Still, few(More)
In the design of real-time systems, models are usual artifacts to capture and represent the various features of the system. They are later analyzed to check for their correctness. A key issue is to handle models and analyses in a systematic, consistent and efficient way. This paper presents an approach for the systematic and correct execution of analyses on(More)
Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) support modeling and analysis of systems through models transformation and exploration. Various contributions made proposals to bring verification capabilities to designers through model-based frame-works and illustrated benefits to the overall system quality. Model-level analyses are usually performed as an(More)
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