Guillaume Belrose

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The consolidation of multiple servers and their workloads aims to minimize the number of servers needed thereby enabling the efficient use of server and power resources. At the same time, applications participating in consolidation scenarios often have specific quality of service requirements that need to be supported. To evaluate which workloads can be(More)
We have developed a new storage system called the Jumbo Store (JS) based on encoding directory tree snapshots as graphs called HDAGs whose nodes are small variable-length chunks of data and whose edges are hash pointers. We store or transmit each node only once and encode using landmark-based chunking plus some new tricks. This leads to very efficient(More)
Enterprises rely on efficient and flexible IT services. While complexity of services is increasing, personnel to provide and manage services will remain limited. At the same time, IT environments are becoming more dynamic, from the business side as well as from the infrastructure side. The ability to incorporate change faster, more efficiently and reliably(More)
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