Guillaume Bay

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BACKGROUND Repeated use of acetyl-CoA carboxylase (ACCase) inhibitors, especially fenoxaprop and clodinafop, since the late 1980s has selected for resistance in Alopecurus myosuroides Huds. (black-grass) in France. We investigated whether resistance to pinoxaden, a phenylpyrazoline ACCase inhibitor to be marketed in France, was present in French black-grass(More)
Recent studies have revealed that nitrogen fixation by cyanobacteria living in association with feather mosses is a major input of nitrogen to boreal forests. We characterized the community composition and diversity of cyanobacterial nifH phylotypes associated with each of two feather moss species (Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens) on each of(More)
The mechanistic basis of feather moss-cyanobacteria associations, a main driver of nitrogen (N) input into boreal forests, remains unknown. Here, we studied colonization by Nostoc sp. on two feather mosses that form these associations (Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens) and two acrocarpous mosses that do not (Dicranum polysetum and Polytrichum(More)
Dinitrogen (N2)-fixation by cyanobacteria living in symbiosis with pleurocarpous feather mosses (for example, Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens) represents the main pathway of biological N input into N-depleted boreal forests. Little is known about the role of the cyanobacterial community in contributing to the observed temporal variability of(More)
A method was developed for specific estimation of the content of a non-enzymatic protein, karasurin A, in fractions taken during the extraction and purification processes from a natural source. Anti-karokon serum was elicited in rabbits immunized with fragments of karokon, a dried root tuber of Trichosanthes kirilowii Max. var. japonicum Kitam. Rabbit(More)
Feather moss-cyanobacteria associations, although still poorly understood, are recognised as essential for the regulation of nitrogen (N) input into N-limited ecosystems such as boreal forests due to their ability to carry out N2-fixation. This thesis aimed to investigate the diversity and composition of feather mossassociated cyanobacterial communities,(More)
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