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INTBODUCTION The Nii Zn-Pb-Ag-Ba prospect is located in the headwaters of the Noosegolch River valley, approximately 23 kilometms northeast of Hagensborg in west-central British Columbia (Figure 1). The area lies within the Stikine Termne of the Coast Belt and is mostly underlain by various packages of matic to felsic volcanic, volcaniclastic and(More)
Dinitrogen (N2)-fixation by cyanobacteria living in symbiosis with pleurocarpous feather mosses (for example, Pleurozium schreberi and Hylocomium splendens) represents the main pathway of biological N input into N-depleted boreal forests. Little is known about the role of the cyanobacterial community in contributing to the observed temporal variability of(More)
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