Guillaume Auriol

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Research reported here deals with a communication architecture with guaranteed end-to-end quality of service (QoS) in an IPv6 environment providing differentiated services within a single DiffServ domain. The article successively presents the design principles and services of the proposed architecture, their implementation over a national platform, and(More)
Recently, customer-­‐based product development is becoming a popular paradigm. Customer expectations and needs can be identified and transformed into requirements for product design with the help of various methods and tools. However, in many cases, these models fail to focus on the perceived value that is crucial when customers make the decision of(More)
In avionics domain, the software applications grew to millions of source lines of code representing important development expenditures. To cut the costs, the avionics suppliers are studying the potential use of new software approaches such as object-oriented technologies. These technologies reduce the development and maintenance costs, in particular, thanks(More)
Multi criteria decision making involves evaluation of various alternative solutions upon a set of criteria. The result of multi criteria decision making is the best alternative which secures the highest score with the predefined criteria. Usually, these criteria are weighted in an order to represent their stake in the final selection. In multi criteria(More)
This paper deals with the design of a distributed architecture and of mechanisms that are able to guarantee quality of service (QoS) in a set of DiffServ domains. The design includes the proposal of a signaling protocol to accept or reject the transmission of flows in a set of adequately controlled domains. More particularly, it provides a proposal for (1)(More)
In a highly competitive environment, companies must guarantee the quality of their products through the quality of the manufacturing process. These processes are the keystone of Systems engineering as a heterogeneous field that consolidates the different aspects of manufacturing a product. This means that the processes participating in systems engineering(More)
Understanding user needs, requirements, architecture specifications, and design specifications for a system holds up-most importance in a systems engineering project. The early phase requirements engineering deals with elicitation of goals, objectives and environment of the system under development and determine the needs and requirements of the various(More)