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Models represent our primary method for integration of small-scale, processlevel phenomena into a comprehensive description of forest-stand or ecosystem function. They also represent a key method for testing hypotheses about the response of forest ecosystems to multiple changing environmental conditions. This paper describes the evaluation of 13 stand-level(More)
The general relationships between vegetation and water yield under different climatic regimes are well established at a small watershed scale in the past century. However, applications of these basic theories to evaluate the regional effects of land cover change on water resources remain challenging due to the complex interactions of vegetation and climatic(More)
It has previously been shown that the phase-related refractive index is positive in photonic crystals that display negative refraction at higher bands. We hypothesize that the phase velocity is governed by a wave that can be related to the dominant Bloch mode. This dominant wave can be identified from an approximate solution of Maxwell Equations using a(More)
We extend the understanding of the imaging properties of dielectric photonic crystal slabs to object distances that are larger than the slab thickness. We specifically consider hexagonal crystal lattices in the second band. For object distances smaller than the slab thickness, the image distance is a negative linear function of the object distance as(More)
We consider the conditions for negative refraction in the partial bandgap of photonic crystals and show that, in contrast to previously published studies, anisotropy is not a necessary condition for negative refraction, and that unrestricted imaging is possible. This analysis is made possible by the introduction of a negative local wavevector. In addition,(More)
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