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Revision of a description logic-based ontology deals with the problem of incorporating newly received information consistently. In this paper, we propose a general operator for revising terminologies in description logic-based ontologies. Our revision operator relies on a reformulation of the kernel contraction operator in belief revision. We first define(More)
Inconsistency handling in expressive description logics is an important problem because inconsistency may naturally occur in an open world. In this paper, we first present the quasi-classical semantics for description logic SHIQ, which is based on quasi-classical logic. We show that this semantics can be used to deal with inconsistency and that it is(More)
Possibilistic logic provides a convenient tool for dealing with inconsistency and handling uncertainty. In this paper, we propose possibilistic description logics as an extension of description logics. We give semantics and syntax of possibilistic description logics. We then define two inference services in possibilistic description logics. Since(More)
One of the major challenges in managing networked and dynamic ontologies is to handle inconsistencies in single ontologies, and inconsistencies introduced by integrating multiple distributed ontologies. Our RaDON system provides functionalities to repair and diagnose ontology networks by extending the capabilities of existing reasoners. The system(More)
Recently, the problem of inconsistency handling in description logics has attracted a lot of attention. Many approaches have been proposed to deal with this problem based on existing techniques for inconsistency management. In this paper, we first define two revision operators in description logics; one is called a weakening-based revision operator and the(More)
Ontology evolution is an important problem in the Semantic Web research. Recently, Alchourrón, Gärdenfors and Markinson’s (AGM) theory on belief change has been applied to deal with this problem. However, most of current work only focuses on the feasibility of the application of AGM postulates on contraction to description logics (DLs), a family of ontology(More)
ABox abduction is an important aspect for abductive reasoning in Description Logics (DLs). It finds all minimal sets of ABox axioms that should be added to a background ontology to enforce entailment of a specified set of ABox axioms. As far as we know, by now there is only one ABox abduction method in expressive DLs computing abductive solutions with(More)