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Intelligent retrieval for best satisfying users search intensions still remains a challenging problem due to the inherent complexity of real-world semantic web applications. Usually, a search request contains not only vagueness or impre-cision, but also personalized information goals. This paper presents a novel approach which formulates one's search(More)
  • Guilin Lu
  • 2009
The technology of detecting axle's temperature with infrared rays is a new kind of scientific product which plays an important part in the indemnity system of railway rolling stock, The circuit of keyboard and display is a man-machine interactive technology,which is composed of Chip 8279,LED digital display and correlative instruments.Coordinated by Chip(More)
In the article, the characteristics, synchronization method, approaches and process were described in detail, and the hardware platform of the system was designed. Furthermore, the article further pointed out that the research of the synchronization technology should be considered with the algorithm of channel estimation together, and the method of(More)
Wavelet transform has can be also extract characteristics of useful information from time - scale, Sit-e key is be Selected as wave function of schrödinger equation, According to the continuous wavelet and discrete wavelet different characteristics, It is specifically applied to the analysis of structure- internal forces-external forces of electronic(More)
From the view of energy point, the matrix leads to the size of Matrix and angle measurement principles, and expatiate matrix in different that forms and methods of transformation. it point out that the matrix differential and integral, and method of standard Jordan-matrix. as an example, That Jordan-based standards can be applied to Solution Matrix, n order(More)
Wireless ultra-wide band(UWB) wave has been studied by incomplete Mathematical Method, the multiple paths of electromagnetworksic wave on UWB broadband is described from propagate to receive, and analysis mechanism of quality that is affected on the channel by received signal quality: propagation, Teflection, and Transmisson,: practice shows that the(More)
Intelligent mobile terminal is essentially a multi-input, multiple output circuit, it can express by Directional interface, the effective aperture, It meets conditions of Random search target parameters, the target position and speed, Multi-channel is approached to exchange information, the mobile terminal access network is been used Ad hoc network(More)
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