Guilin Li

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The WRKY transcription factors modulate numerous physiological processes, including plant growth, development and responses to various environmental stresses. Currently, our understanding of the functions of the majority of the WRKY family members and their possible roles in signalling crosstalk is limited. In particular, very few WRKYs have been identified(More)
Data centric storage is an effective algorithm to organize data in the sensor networks. Even though such kind of storage can save more energy than other algorithms, such as flooding based algorithm, it also wastes energy in some cases. For example, the event frequency is much more than the query frequency. To overcome this problem, we propose an index based(More)
Online learning is used in a wide range of real applications, e.g., predicting ad click-through rates (CTR) and personalized recommendations. Based on the analysis of users' behaviors in Video-On-Demand (VoD) recommender systems,we discover that the most recent users' actions can better reflect users' current intentions and preferences. Under this(More)