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This paper describes a metadata interchange approach for semi-automated integration of heterogeneous distributed databases. Our system prototype uses distributed metadata to generate a GUI tool for a meta-user (who does the metadata integration) to describe mappings between master and local databases by assigning index numbers and specifying conversion(More)
Peer-to-peer computing is a term used to describe the current trend toward utilizing the full resources available within a widely distributed network of nodes with increasing computational power. These resources include the exchange of information, processing cycles, cache storage, and disk storage for files. Routing, locating and transmitting of resources,(More)
Experience suggests that fully automated schema matching is infeasible, especially when n-to-m matches involving semantic functions are required. It is therefore advisable for a matching algorithm not only to do as much as possible automatically, but also to accurately identify positions where user input is necessary. Our matching algorithm combines several(More)
The anisotropy exhibited by single-crystal silicon in nanometric cutting is very significant. In order to profoundly understand the effect of crystal anisotropy on cutting behaviors, a large-scale molecular dynamics model was conducted to simulate the nanometric cutting of single-crystal silicon in the (100)[0-10], (100)[0-1-1], (110)[-110], (110)[00-1],(More)
Indoor air pollution is an important environmental factor that contributes to the burden of various diseases. Long-term exposure to ambient air pollution is associated with telomere shortening. However, the association between chronic indoor air pollution from household fuel combustion and leukocyte telomere length has not been studied. In our study, 137(More)