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Two experiments were designed to evaluate strategies to increase fertility of Bos indicus postpubertal heifers and nonlactating cows submitted to a fixed-time artificial insemination (TAI) protocol consisting of an intravaginal device containing 1.9 g of progesterone (CIDR) insertion+estradiol benzoate on Day 0, CIDR withdrawal+estradiol cypionate on Day 9,(More)
The objective of the present study was to characterize ovarian follicular dynamics and hormone concentrations during follicular deviation in the first wave after ovulation in Nelore (Bos indicus) heifers. Ultrasonographic exams were performed and blood samples were collected every 12h from the day of estrus until 120-144 h after ovulation in seven females.(More)
In beef cattle, the ability to conceive has been associated positively with size of the preovulatory follicle (POF). Proestrus estradiol and subsequent progesterone concentrations can regulate the endometrium to affect receptivity and fertility. The aim of the present study was to verify the effect of the size of the POF on luteal and endometrial gene(More)
Sixty female Wistar rats were submitted to a daily intake of ration doped with uranium from weaning to adulthood. Uranium in bone was quantified by the SSNTD (solid state nuclear track detection) technique, and bone mineral density (BMD) analysis performed. Uranium concentration as a function of age exhibited a sharp rise during the first week of the(More)
Puberty in Zebu heifers follows a pattern characterized by a decrease in the steroid feedback mechanism and an increase in LH concentration, which result in the first ovulation followed by a short estrous cycle and the onset of normal cycles thereafter. These events are similar to those observed in Bos taurus cattle but occur at a later age. The late onset(More)
Nine heifers were pre-synchronized (PGF2α, 12 days) and assigned into three groups with 6 repetitions each: (1) CL (∼8 days old, n=13); (2) DIB+CL (n=18); (3) DIB+EB (150 μg of PGF2α and 2mg estradiol benzoate, n=18). After progesterone (P4) device removal (8 days) and/or final PGF2α, heifers were injected with either GnRH or EB in a 3×2 factorial totalling(More)
Eight Panthera onca (Po), 13 Felis concolor (Fc), 7 Felis yagouaroundi (Fy), 7 Felis tigrina (Ft) and 5 Felis pardalis (Fp) specimens from São Paulo State zoos were used. All animals were restrained with darts containing 10 mg/kg ketamine and 1 mg/kg xylazine. Venous blood samples were collected as soon as possible (within 15-20 min) and serum was frozen(More)
The accumulation and microdistribution of uranium in the bone and marrow of Beagle dogs were determined by both neutron activation and neutron-fission analysis. The experiment started immediately after the weaning period, lasting till maturity. Two animal groups were fed daily with uranyl nitrate at concentrations of 20 and 100 microg g(-1) food. Of the two(More)
We measured progesterone and estradiol levels from birth to the beginning of adult life in 10 Thoroughbred fillies from the Equilia Stud Farm in Avaré SP, Brasil. The animals were measured and weighed monthly for the determination of body development and of a possible correlation between the rate of weight and height gain and the onset of detectable sex(More)
The effects of several doses of progesterone on FSH and LH concentrations were used to study the role of the gonadotropins on deviation in growth rates of the two largest follicles during the establishment of follicle dominance. Progesterone was given to pony mares at a daily dose rate of 0 mg (controls), 30 mg (low dose), 100 mg (intermediate dose), and(More)