Guilherme Tavares de Assis

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This work addresses the development of a unified approach to content-based indexing and retrieval of digital videos from television archives. The proposed approach has been designed to deal with arbitrary television genres, making it suitable for various applications. To achieve this goal, the main steps of a content-based video retrieval system are(More)
This paper presents a novel multimedia information system, called SAPTE, for supporting the discourse analysis and information retrieval of television programs from their corresponding video recordings. Unlike most common systems, SAPTE uses both content independent and dependent metadata, which are determined by the application of discourse analysis(More)
This paper describes the development of a multimedia information system to support the discourse analysis of video recordings of television programs. Although the TV system is one of the most fascinating media phenomena ever created by men, there is still a lack of information systems that allow an effective retrieval of TV information relevant to the(More)
Focused crawlers attempt to crawl web pages that are relevant to a specific topic or user interest. Although these kinds of crawlers have been proven to be effective, they need to improve their efficiency. Focused crawlers usually use a Frontier of non-visited URLs to visit the web pages and gather relavant ones. In this work, we define and evaluate a(More)
Author name ambiguity is a hard problem that occurs when several authors publish articles with the same name or when a same author publishes their articles under different names. Traditionally, automatic disambiguation methods process the author names of all citation records in a repository. Aiming efficiency, incremental methods disambiguate author names(More)
An undergraduate program must prepare its students for the major needs of the labor market. One of the main ways to identify what are the demands to be met is creating a manner to manage information of its alumni. This consists of gathering data from program's alumni and finding out what are their main areas of employment on the labor market or which are(More)
Extracting data from web pages is an important task for several applications, such as comparison shopping and data mining. Much of that data is provided by search result pages, in which each result, called search result record, represents a record from a database. One of the most important steps for extracting such records is identifying, among different(More)