Guilherme R. Colen

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This paper outlines a novel power line communication (PLC) system that was specified, designed, and prototyped to address the features of low-voltage and outdoor Brazilian electric power grids when the frequency band between 1.7 and 50 MHz, which complies with the Brazilian regulation for broadband PLC, is considered. The proposed PLC system is constituted(More)
This paper focuses on a novel bit loading technique that is capable of reducing the computational complexity associated with the resource allocation in power line communication (PLC) system based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) scheme. Basically, the proposed technique exploits the existing connection among microslots within one cycle(More)
We discuss the influence of randomand periodic impulse noise on narrowband (< 500 kHz frequency band) Power Line Communications. We start with random impulse noise and compare the properties of the measured impulse noise with the common theoretical models like Middleton Class-A and Mixed Gaussian. The main difference is the fact that the measured impulse(More)
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