Guilherme Pavan de Moraes

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Preliminary work is needed to assess the usefulness of different markers at different taxonomic scales when a new group is analyzed, such as the commercially important Phytoseiidae mites. We investigate here the level of sequence variation of the nuclear ribosomal spacers ITS 1 and 2 and the 5.8S gene in six species of Phytoseiidae: Neoseiulus californicus,(More)
There is a growing literature comparing the performance of private vs. state-owned companies. Yet, there is little work examining the effects of having the government as a minority shareholder of private companies. We conduct such a study using data for 296 publicly-traded corporations in Brazil, looking at the effects of equity purchases by the National(More)
The ultrastructure of the reproductive gland, dorsal body (DB), of Megalobulimus abbreviatus was analysed. Electron microscope immunohistochemistry was used to detect FMRFamide-like peptides in the nerve endings within this gland. Nerve backfilling was used in an attempt to identify the neurons involved in this innervation. In M. abbreviatus, the DB has a(More)
Tropical reservoirs are main carbon sources to the atmosphere, and bacterial metabolism is a key process in these emissions. Here, we explored the drivers of bacterial metabolism in four tropical cascading reservoirs forming a trophic state gradient, and compared them with those found in the literature (mainly from temperate regions). Bacterial production(More)
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