Guilherme M. Nogueira

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A service choreography is a distributed service composition in which services interact without a centralized control. Adequate adaptation strategies are required to face complex and ever-changing business processes, given the collaborative nature of choreographies. Choreographies should also be able to adapt to changes in its non-functional requirements,(More)
Obesity is the result of a long-term positive energy balance in which caloric intake overrides energy expenditure. This anabolic state results from the defective activity of hypothalamic neurons involved in the sensing and response to adiposity. However, it is currently unknown what the earliest obesity-linked hypothalamic defect is and how it orchestrates(More)
The Future Internet envisions a ubiquitous world where available services can be easily discovered and coordinated so as to fit users needs. Service choreographies will play a central role in this vision as an effective means to allow heterogeneous services to suitably collaborate. This deliverable defines the CHOReOS Dynamic Development Process Model by(More)
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