Guilherme Avelar Ferreira

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BACKGROUND Nanoparticles' unique features have been highly explored in cellular therapies. However, nanoparticles can be cytotoxic. The cytotoxicity can be overcome by coating the nanoparticles with an appropriated surface modification. Nanoparticle coating influences biocompatibility between nanoparticles and cells and may affect some cell properties.(More)
This work describes the treatment of dairy industry effluent using catalytic ozonation with Fe as its catalyst in a semi-batch process with recycle. A fractional factorial design 2 was used with a reduction percentage of total organic carbon (TOCred) as response. Optimal conditions were obtained by the reaction time of 30 min, ozonator power of 35 W, O2(More)
Phase behavior of didodecyl and dioctadecydimethylammonium bromide (DDAB and DODAB) in water was studied using X-ray techniques, differential scanning calorimetry and deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance measurements. Both surfactants self-assemble into lamellar liquid crystalline, either Lα (fluid) and Lβ (gel), phases. The gel-to-fluid phase transition(More)
Abdominal pain is a common symptom in pediatrics. Cysts non-parasitic splenic are a rare cause of recurrent abdominal pain, but an increase in the number of diagnoses. Originating from the mesothelial cells lining the spleen capsule, occurring in 0.5 2% of the population. They may remain asymptomatic for years and usually are discovered incidentally on(More)
The placenta is a temporal, dynamic and diverse organ with important immunological features that facilitate embryonic and fetal development and survival, notwithstanding the fact that several aspects of its formation and function closely resemble tumor progression. Placentation in mammals is commonly used to characterize the evolution of species, including(More)
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