Guilhem Bousquet

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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY We report a retrospective series of 106 total hip prosthesis with ten years follow-up. The purpose of this study was to analyze survival of cementless dual mobility sockets. MATERIAL AND METHODS The series included 90 consecutive patients with 106 first-intention total hip prosthesis, all with cementless dual mobility sockets. All(More)
BACKGROUND Early chemotherapy might improve the overall outcomes of patients with metastatic non-castrate (ie, hormone-sensitive) prostate cancer. We investigated the effects of the addition of docetaxel to androgen-deprivation therapy (ADT) for patients with metastatic non-castrate prostate cancer. METHODS In this randomised, open-label, phase 3 study,(More)
BACKGROUND Angiosarcomas account for <2% of all soft tissue sarcomas. This subtype is one of the most aggressive forms of soft tissue sarcoma. The prognosis for angiosarcoma patients in the advanced phase remains poor with current cytotoxic agents (progression-free survival [PFS] time of ∼4 months and overall survival [OS] time of ∼8 months). We(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Breast sarcoma (BS) is a rare tumour. While surgical resection is the primary treatment, the role of radiation therapy (RT) and chemotherapy remains unclear. This study aimed at defining prognostic factors and treatment strategies. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data from 103 patients treated between 1976 and 2002 were collected. The median(More)
CONTEXT Hereditary renal cancers (HRCs) comprise approximately 3-5% of renal cell carcinomas (RCCs). OBJECTIVE Our aim was to provide an overview of the currently known HRC syndromes in adults. EVIDENCE ACQUISITION Data on HRC syndromes were analysed using PubMed and Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man with an emphasis on kidney cancer, clinical(More)
Acquired resistance to protein kinase C (PKC) modulators may explain the failure of clinical trials in patients with cancer. Herein, we established a human colon cancer cell line resistant to PEP005, a drug that inhibits PKCalpha and activates PKCdelta. Colo205-R cells, selected by stepwise exposure to PEP005, were >300-fold more resistant to PEP005 than(More)
Emergence of Pseudomonas aeruginosa resistant to antibiotic monotherapy is one of the causes of therapeutic failure in chronic P. aeruginosa osteomyelitis. We report 15 cases of chronic (> 3 months of evolution) biopsy culture proven P. aeruginosa osteomyelitis included in an open prospective study evaluating the efficacy of prolonged treatment (> 4 months)(More)
Efficient methods for tumor targeting are eagerly awaited and must satisfy several challenges: molecular specificity, transport through physiologic barriers, and capacity to withstand extracellular or intracellular degradation and inactivation by the immune system. Through interaction with its hosts, the intestinal pathogen-produced Shiga toxin has evolved(More)