Guila Abitbol

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Measurement of the spatial extent of the regurgitant jet was performed in the left ventricular outflow tract (LVOT) with a 3 MHz two-dimensional echo-pulsed Doppler device, in order to assess the severity of aortic regurgitation on a quantitative basis. The procedure included: detection of diastolic disturbances in the LVOT and mapping of these disturbances(More)
Pulsed Doppler indices were devised in order to grade the severity of mitral regurgitation on a quantitative basis. Indices were obtained by mapping the regurgitant jet by recording abnormal systolic Doppler signals detected on a "yes/no" basis using a 3 MHz pulsed Doppler velocimeter associated with a cross sectional real time ultrasonic scanner. Combined(More)
Direct examination of the aortic orifice at the level of the aortic valves (aortic valvular orifice area, AVOA) in the short-axis plane was performed with a 3 MHz two-dimensional pulsed Doppler echocardiographic apparatus. The AVOA was mapped with the Doppler gate to detect or rule out the presence of a regurgitant aortic valvular area (RAVA) established by(More)
Whereas oxidative stress is linked to cellular damage, reactive oxygen species (ROS) are also believed to be involved in the propagation of signaling pathways. Studies on the role of ROS in pancreatic beta-cell physiology, in contrast to pathophysiology, have not yet been reported. In this study we investigate the importance of maintaining cellular redox(More)
Lactose consumption has been associated with a high incidence of cataract in northern Indian and southern Italian populations. Galactose absorbed after hydrolysis of lactose from milk in individuals with normal lactase activity is considered responsible. However, lactase-deficient subjects who often avoid drinking milk are able to digest lactose and absorb(More)
Insulin resistance results, in part, from impaired insulin signaling in insulin target tissues. Consequently, increased levels of insulin are necessary to control plasma glucose levels. The effects of elevated insulin levels on pancreatic beta (β) cell function, however, are unclear. In this study, we investigated the possibility that insulin may influence(More)
Twenty normal subjects and 82 patients with valvular heart disease, whose lesions were independently assessed either by cardiac catheterisation and/or at operation, were studied using the pulsed Doppler technique combined with either one or two dimensional echocardiography. Of these, 41 patients had tricuspid lesions, including 40 with regurgitation and(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Sarcopoterium spinosum (L.) sp., a common plant in the Mediterranean region, is widely used as an antidiabetic drug by Bedouin healers. However, the antidiabetic properties of Sarcopoterium spinosum had not been fully validated using scientific tools. AIM OF THE STUDY To determine the effectiveness of Sarcopoterium spinosum(More)
The concentrations of antioxidant vitamins, particularly vitamin C, are often low in the plasma of institutionalized elderly subjects, and could explain their susceptibility to oxidative stress. However, as such low levels were not always found in home-living healthy elderly persons, the antioxidant vitamin depletion in the formers could result from(More)