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Owing to visual ambiguities and disparities, person re-identification methods inevitably produce sub optimal rank-list, which still requires exhaustive human eyeballing to identify the correct target from hundreds of different likely-candidates. Existing re-identification studies focus on improving the ranking performance, but rarely look into the critical(More)
In this paper, we propose a matting algorithm based on iterative transductive learning (for short: ITM). To avoid over-smooth results of recent methods, we introduce the influence of unlabeled regions as well as the consistency of neighboring pixels to re-design the optimization for alpha matting. A novel asymmetric Laplacian matrix is also proposed to(More)
Video communication with Quality of Service (QoS) is an important and challenging task. To have QoS provision or guarantee at application level in the current best-effort Internet, congestion control and error control are two effective approaches. In this paper, we propose a new network-adaptive congestion control scheme for scalable video streaming in(More)
Hand pose estimation from monocular depth images is an important and challenging problem for human-computer interaction. Recently deep convolutional networks (ConvNet) with sophisticated design have been employed to address it, but the improvement over traditional methods is not so apparent. To promote the performance of directly 3D coordinate regression,(More)