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The size-controlled synthesis of monodispersed gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) stabilized by polyelectrolyte-functionalized ionic liquid (PFIL) is described. The resulting AuNPs' size, with a narrow distribution, can be tuned by the concentration of HAuCl(4). Such PFIL-stabilized AuNPs (PFIL-AuNPs) showed a high stability in water at room temperature for at(More)
A B-cell epitope is a group of residues on the surface of an antigen that stimulates humoral immune responses. Identifying B-cell epitopes is important for effective vaccine design. Predicting epitopes by experimental methods is expensive in terms of time, cost and effort; therefore, computational methods that have a low cost and high speed are widely used(More)
As a selective and reversible protein post-translational modification, S-glutathionylation generates mixed disulfides between glutathione (GSH) and cysteine residues, and plays an important role in regulating protein activity, stability, and redox regulation. To fully understand S-glutathionylation mechanisms, identification of substrates and specific(More)
We propose a simple but efficient, rapid, and quantitative ion-responsive micelle system based on counter-anion exchange of a surfactant with an imidazolium unit. The ion-exchange reaction results in the amphiphilic-to-hydrophobic transition of the imidazolium salt, leading to the destruction of the micelles, which has been successfully applied to(More)
Bioluminescent proteins (BLPs) widely exist in many living organisms. As BLPs are featured by the capability of emitting lights, they can be served as biomarkers and easily detected in biomedical research, such as gene expression analysis and signal transduction pathways. Therefore, accurate identification of BLPs is important for disease diagnosis and(More)
DNA-binding proteins (DBPs) play fundamental roles in many biological processes. Therefore, the developing of effective computational tools for identifying DBPs is becoming highly desirable. In this study, we proposed an accurate method for the prediction of DBPs. Firstly, we focused on the challenge of improving DBP prediction accuracy with information(More)
It is important to draw real-time data with the upper computer in virtual instrument developing. The requirement of real-time performance cannot be satisfied by using third-part drawing control directly. This paper proposes an algorithm with segmenting the data and sampling to improve the performance of redrawing. In the mean while, the shape of the curve(More)
Heme is an essential biomolecule that widely exists in numerous extant organisms. Accurately identifying heme binding residues (HEMEs) is of great importance in disease progression and drug development. In this study, a novel predictor named HEMEsPred was proposed for predicting HEMEs. First, several sequence- and structure-based features, including amino(More)
Monopulse antennas play an important role in realizing tracking radar. In this letter, we present an improved cuckoo search (ICS) algorithm to optimize the difference patterns of monopulse antennas. In order to balance the exploration and exploitation of the algorithm, two new search schemes are incorporated into standard cuckoo search to enrich the(More)
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