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Pre B cell leukemia homeobox 2 (PBX2), a member of PBX family, acts as a co-factor of homeobox proteins to regulate proliferation and differentiation of tumor cells. Our recent study revealed prognostic significance of PBX2 expression in non-small cell lung carcinoma. The significance of PBX2 expression was examined in cases with gastric cancer (GC) and(More)
In order to improve the data security over network and provide more effective data protection product, this paper introduces a network data protection system based on combined symmetric key. The system takes into account four main aspects in data protection, including identity authentication, encryption transmission, access controls and encryption storage.(More)
The secret key based security scheme is proposed for achieving secure online banking. Encryption equipments are adopted at certification servers and client terminals. A secure certification protocol is established by using secret key encryption, combined secret key and smart card techniques. The one-time secret key generated automatically according to the(More)
SSL is a protocol which provides effective security for Web transaction. This Paper introduces the principle of standard SSL handshake protocol and analyzes its performance at first. Then a CSK (Combined Symmetric Key) based SSL handshake protocol is proposed. This protocol uses CSK technology to authenticate both communication sides and uses symmetric key(More)
Everyone in the IT world is bustling with the cloud computing concept. Conversing about the catchphrase cloud, the terms like virtualization, resources, elasticity, security, pay per use basis hit the mind. A key stumbling block of motivating the IT sector towards cloud ethnicity is the lack of conviction on security. The cloud provider, in turn, also needs(More)
Flows recombining and information construction are the most important tasks of enterprise. ITIL is a framework that describes the best practices of IT management in enterprise. By introducing the concept of IT service management, we analyze the limitation and deficiency of customer service flows in a telecommunication operator in this paper. Meanwhile, an(More)
SMS4 algorithm is one of the block ciphers used in WLAN, and it is the first commercial block cipher opened by China. In this paper, the principle of SMS4 is introduced. And a one-time cipher algorithm based on SMS4 is proposed and realized, thus the security of the algorithm is improved. The symmetric keys are also one-time by Combining from symmetric key(More)
This paper designs and implements an accelerated authentication system for mobile platform. This system is based on CSK (combined symmetric key) algorithm and cipher chip technology. It can generate the authentication code which is one-time-one-variant for the mobile terminal and reach to the goal of accelerated authentication. Compared to the popular WPKI(More)