Guido Zavattini

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The results are reported of a multicenter randomized study of the effectiveness of maternal administration of betamethasone versus ambroxol, a substance of the group of the benzylamines, for prevention of RDS in preterm infants. Women of 27 to 34 weeks gestation with threatened premature delivery or planned premature delivery were admitted to the trial.(More)
In vivo optical instruments designed for small animal imaging generally measure the integrated light intensity across a broad band of wavelengths, or make measurements at a small number of selected wavelengths, and primarily use any spectral information to characterize and remove autofluorescence. We have developed a flexible hyperspectral imaging(More)
The interference of a chronic disease on the aging process reduces patients efficiency in confronting everyday life events and their Quality of Life (QOL). The purpose of this study was to examine the interaction between cognitive problems and emotional difficulties as related to several chronic diseases commonly present among aged patients in contributing(More)
During and after menopause the skin shows up clearly how the lack of estrogen affects tissues, and menopause can in fact be considered a "multisystemic" disorder of connective tissue. The low menopausal estrogen levels combined with age-related skin changes, accelerating skin aging. This affects both the epidermis and the dermis: fibroblasts not only become(More)
In a 6-month, double-blind multicenter trial conducted over the winter, the effects of daily administration of ambroxol retard (75 mg) were compared with those of placebo in preventing exacerbations and improving symptoms and clinical signs in chronic bronchitis patients. The trial was completed by 110 patients in the ambroxol group and by 104 in the(More)
UNLABELLED The preparation, characterization, and first biologic evaluation in rats of a novel class of monocationic (99m)Tc heart imaging agents are reported. The complexes are represented by the general formula [(99m)Tc(N)(PNP)(L)](+), where L is the monoanionic form of a dithiocarbamate ligand of the type [R(1)(R(2))-N-C(=S)S](-), PNP is a diphosphine(More)
—The capability of the scintimammography to diagnose subcentimeters sized tumors was increased by the employment of a dedicated gamma camera. The introduction of small field of view camera, based on pixellated scintillation array and position sensitive photomultiplier, allowed to enhance the geometric spatial resolution and contrast of the images due to(More)
To follow up previous observations that airway hyperresponsiveness induced by ozone is linked to airway inflammation and particularly to the release of arachidonic acid metabolites, we investigated the effect of ambroxol (a mucoactive and surfactant-stimulating drug that has recently been discovered to inhibit the release of arachidonic acid from cell(More)
A prototype of a combined CT–SPECT tomograph for breast cancer study has been developed and evaluated. It allows to perform scintimammography and X-ray CT in the same geometrical conditions. The CT system is based on a quasi-monochromatic beam tuned at 28 keV and an array of ultra fast ceramic scintillators coupled to photodiodes whilst the SPECT system is(More)