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Granular cell tumor of Abrikossoff is a rare neoplasm that may occur in a wide variety of cutaneous and visceral sites. Granular cell tumor generally shows benign behavior. However, malignant outcome with metastatic spread has also been reported. Until now, no data were available on the most useful imaging approach for diagnosis and staging. We present a(More)
Many techniques have been described in the literature for the reconstruction of congenital or acquired defects of the earlobe. Most techniques for earlobe reconstruction use adjacent tissue to compose a pedicled or bilobed flap, but usually require a two-stage procedure, or need a skin graft; more rarely reconstructive methods that led to a satisfactory(More)
Previous studies have reported an association between sun exposure and the increased survival of patients with cutaneous melanoma (CM). The present study analyzed the association between ultraviolet (UV) light exposure and various prognostic factors in the Italian Clinical National Melanoma Registry. Clinical and sociodemographic features were collected, as(More)
The treatment of complex wounds often requires multiple surgical debridement and eventually reconstruction with skin grafts or flaps, under local or general anesthesia. When the patient's general conditions contraindicate surgical procedures, topical negative pressure with vacuum assisted closure (VAC)) device can achieve wound healing with reduction of(More)
OBJECTIVE Many techniques have been proposed to reconstruct acquired vulvar defects. In our experience, every type of vulvar defect can be repaired with 2 pedicled flaps, namely, the pedicle deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap and the lotus petal flap (LPF). MATERIALS AND METHODS We report our reconstructive algorithm for vulvar(More)
The surgical correction of macromastia is justified on both physical and psychological grounds. Hypertrophy of the breast may alter the development of the body, causing severe damage to the spinal cord. It may also condition the psychological or mental development of the patient, even going so far as to bring about fully fledged psychoses. The definitive(More)