Guido Zamagni

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In this paper we present a cross-domain application for ambient and health monitoring. The system architecture is intended to be openly extensible in order to fulfil unanticipated needs. Our implementation addresses diverse groups, from those requiring heart related monitoring, which could be dependent on the environmental conditions, to those who need to(More)
The need for high-quality out-of-hospital healthcare is a known socioeconomic problem. Exploiting ICT's evolution, ad-hoc telemedicine solutions have been proposed in the past. Integrating such ad-hoc solutions in order to cost-effectively support the entire healthcare cycle is still a research challenge. In order to handle the heterogeneity of relevant(More)
The "smartness" of applications is heavily based on their ability to use context information for behaving in a way that perfectly matches the situation in which the application is being used and running. However, achieving situation-based behavior is not straightforward, the situation has to be identified, the functionality that provides the best fit (not(More)
This paper presents a novel approach to assist a group of users to access and control personalized context based services by means of natural interactions. The group creation and the service activation are both based on the use of RFID tags. Each user can join a group by placing her personal tag on an RFID reader. Once the group has been created each(More)
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