Guido Wokurka

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Two different isotopes-(85)Rb and (87)Rb-have been captured simultaneously in one magneto-optical trap. The trap parameters could be chosen nearly independently for the two isotopes. The trap loss rates that are due to collisions between atoms of different isotopes have been measured in the low-intensity limit.
The “Evolution Vodafone” (EVO) Business Transformation Programme, started in 2006, transforms value chain back office processes. This, in turn, has enabled Vodafone’s local operating companies to focus on value creation. EVO is introducing one ‘Future State Operating Model’ (FSOM) that works across supply chain, human resources (HR) and finance functions to(More)
Fourth-order iiiterference effects, especially in the absence of the second-order interference, are oRen considered to be non-classical plienonietia. I n this paper we demonstrate sucli effects observed for light scattered by acoustic waves with quasi-thermal statistics. Even for sucli a classical situation, the rourtli-order interferewe pattern turtis out(More)
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