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Abnormal phosphorylation of the tau-protein is regarded as a crucial step in the formation of neurofibrillary tangles in the neuronal cell body and neuropil threads in dendrites. We studied the effects of tau-pathology on the clinical expression of dementia in 106 autopsy cases in the entorhinal region, the hippocampal stratum oriens, the stratum radiatum,(More)
Neuromagnetic fields were recorded from the left cerebral hemisphere of six healthy right-handed subjects under three different conditions: (1) externally triggered rapid voluntary extension and flexion of the right hand, (2) passive extension and flexion of the right hand, and (3) stimulation of the skin of the right index finger by means of air pressure.(More)
In terminal Alzheimer's disease (AD) the frequency of plaques was found to be reduced in single cases. To test this finding in a larger sample, and in order to determine whether the number of plaques labeled with different markers and the distribution of neurofibrillary tangles are correlated positively to each other and to the degree of dementia, a sample(More)
Repetitive movements have been reported to induce task-specific changes of intracortical inhibition and facilitation, but the mechanism operating shortly after hand movement is unclear. Transcranial magnetic single and paired stimuli (2 ms) were applied to 15 healthy subjects at rest and 1 s after repetitive (every 6 s) active and passive hand extensions.(More)
The aim of this study was to select the optimal procedure for analysing motor fields (MF) and motor evoked fields (MEF) measured from brain injured patients. Behavioural pretests with patients have shown that most of them cannot stand measurements longer than 30 minutes and they also prefer to move the hand with rather short breaks between movements.(More)
Sensory feedback plays a major role in movement execution and motor learning, particularly in motor rehabilitation. Whilst elaborating therapeutic strategies, it is of interest to visualize the effect of a therapeutic intervention at the moment of its application. We analyzed the effect of repeated execution of a simple extension and flexion movement of the(More)
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