Guido Vanbelle

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During a 12-year period (1969 through 1980), 431 episodes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) occurred in King County, Washington. Longitudinal analysis of these data confirms the inverse association of SIDS occurrence with maternal age, which has been reported repeatedly from previous cross-sectional analyses. Risk of SIDS increases with increasing(More)
Quality of care is the property of a service when it is an adequate response to a good defined need at an effort all parties are satisfied with. Some aspects of this complex definition are discussed in detail. To measure quality some absolute and relative criteria are needed. A systematic and integrated quality control assures a dynamic process of quality(More)
Judgment and actions based on scientific evidence are modified by the unique caregiver-patient relationship. Caregivers relying exclusively upon "rational" decisions in line with evidence-based clinical recommendations avoid their relational responsibility. The "noble" purpose illustrates that decisions to treat can be at the same time pointless and(More)
This article gives a brief historical overview of how the accreditation scheme for dentists came into being within the Belgian National Health Insurance System. Data from the central registration body are then being discussed: the number of organizers, the distribution of courses and training programs over the subfields, the number of peer reviews etc.(More)
The relationship between ethics and philosophy and jurisdiction is described; different kinds of ethics are presented. The increasing pressure of liberal points of view has boosted the ethics of utility. The ethics of care oppose a too rational utilitarianism, taking into consideration relationships such as the caregiver-patient relationship. In the(More)
Isabelle Stengers, philosopher and chemist is professor at the "Université Libre" in Brussels. This philosophical scientific essay is warning us against the abuse of the scientific argument for authority. Formulations such as "from a scientific point of view" or "objective criteria demonstrate" or "it appears from research" are often misused as(More)
The author regrets the lack of philosophical knowledge (in circles of dentistry) to judge the scientific base of research. The western epistemology is explained by referring to the models of reasoning used in both medicine and dentistry. Referring to the 17th century philosophers, the methodical doubt, the genesis of more general points of view, the problem(More)