Guido Timm

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BACKGROUND Both the effect of the mutation and the pathogenesis of Huntington's disease are unknown and a lack of biological markers for the natural history of the disease impedes the evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches. METHODS Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy was carried out on a frontal region of the cortex in 17 patients with clinically(More)
Poor postcoital tests in infertile patients may be due to dysmucurrhoea, low sperm count, or specific antibodies against spermatozoa. Using a latex agglutination test ("Sperm-antibody-slide-test", Fa. Biotec, Hannover), we examined the cervical and uterine secretions of the patients for sperm antibodies. The results showed a close correlation between a(More)
Two new observations of glomus tumors in the eyelid are reported, one of the angiomatous type, the other of the more adenoid type. The typical symptoms of other than ophthalmological localisations are described. The clinical diagnosis is possible. In the few cases reported by ophthalmologists the diagnosis is made by the histologist.