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We consider the lattice Boltzmann method for immiscible multiphase flow simulations. Classical lattice Boltzmann methods for this problem, e.g. the colour gradient method or the free energy approach, can only be applied when density and viscosity ratios are small. Moreover, they use additional fields defined on the whole domain to describe the different(More)
We develop new directionand frequency-averaged approximations to the equations of radiative heat transfer in glass for optically thick, diffusive regimes. These approximations, which are based on the SPN approach given in [E. Larsen, G. Thömmes, A. Klar, M. Seäıd, and T. Götz, J. Comput. Phys., 183 (2002), pp. 652–675], represent asymptotic corrections to(More)
Optimal control problems for radiative transfer and for approximate models are considered. Following the approach first discretize, then optimize, the discrete SP N approximations are for the first time derived exactly, which can be used to study optimal control on reduced order models. Combining asymptotic analysis and the adjoint calculus yields(More)
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