Guido Rindsfüser

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Mode and route choice are central elements of traffic simulations. Traditionally they form two subsequent steps in the four-step process where first, the simulated population distributes among available transportation modes and then their movement is assigned to the roads respectively other networks. However, these two phases are better dealt with(More)
The project ILUMASS (Integrated Land-Use Modelling and Transportation System Simulation) aims at embedding a microscopic dynamic simulation model of urban traffic flows into a comprehensive model system incorporating changes of land use, the resulting changes in transport demand, and the impacts of transport on the environment. Microsimulation modules(More)
Due to advances in multi-agent simulation, realistic traffic microsimulation can be based on detailed models of traveller’s behaviour. Paradigms like the activity-based approach provide solutions at the level of traffic generation or transport demand modelling. This forms a prerequisite for any realistic traffic simulation. In this contribution, we present(More)
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