Guido Ricardo Gonzalez-Fontal

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BACKGROUND Enterobacteriaceae bacteremia is a common complication in patients with neoplasm. The cancer itself, chemotherapy-induced immunosuppression, and other cancer-related procedures play a role as predisposing factors for this condition. However, despite the clear association between cancer and Enterobacteriaceae bacteremia, the distinctive clinical(More)
CASE DESCRIPTION An 82-years old Hispanic woman with a past medical history significant for pulmonary thromboembolism on oral anticoagulation, rheumatoid arthritis, and hypertension developed a new onset thrombocytopenia. CLINICAL FINDINGS Small clonal B-cells populations (SCBP) also known as monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis was found as part of the workup(More)
Acinetobacter skin and soft tissue infection outside of the traumatic wound setting are rare occurrences. The majority of cases occur in the presence of significant comorbilities and by Acinetobacter baumanii. Herein a case is reported of community-onset, health-care-associated, non-traumatic cellulitis caused by Acinetobacter, species junii-johnsonii with(More)
Minimal-change disease (MCD) is an exceptional paraneoplastic presentation. We are describing the case of an ovarian paraneoplastic nephrotic syndrome. The kidney biopsy was consistent with MCD. Steroids and immunosuppressive therapy were given with no change in the nephrotic-range proteinuria. A complete resolution of the nephrotic syndrome was soon(More)
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