Guido Pasquariello

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This paper presents a retrieval algorithm that estimates spatial and temporal distribution of volumetric soil moisture content, at an approximate depth of 5 cm, using multitemporal ENVISAT Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) alternating polarization images, acquired at low incidence angles (i.e., from 15 to 31 ). The algorithm appropriately assimilates(More)
We consider a neural network with adapting synapses whose dynamics can be analitically computed. The model is made of N neurons and each of them is connected to K input neurons chosen at random in the network. The synapses are n-states variables which evolve in time according to Stochastic Learning rules; a parallel stochastic dynamics is assumed for(More)
In this paper a new approach to performing change detection analyses based on a combination of supervised and unsupervised techniques is presented. Two remotely sensed, independently classified images are compared. The change estimation is performed according to the Post Classification Comparison (PCC) method if the posterior probability values are(More)
In the context of the use of remote sensed data for monitoring land cover it is very important to develop methodologies to obtain reliable maps. In order to achieve this objective a possible approach is to combine both “spectral” and “spatial” features to characterizing each ground class. In this paper we propose the integration of a spectral classifier for(More)