Guido Panfili

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This paper discusses the development of a four command BCI system. This system is composed of a wearable electroencephalogram acquisition unit interfaced to a computer by a wireless Bluetooth (BT) connection. The implemented system relies on the steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) protocol applied to a four selection system. In order to achieve the(More)
An extensive survey was carried out on 849 biological samples (dead animals, organs and viscera, faeces, and rectal swabs) from pigs in the Latium Region (Central Italy) throughout the years 1980-1989. In total, 46 of the samples (5.4%) were found to be bacteriologically positive for salmonellae. Among dead animals, typical gross lesions were observed in 6(More)
In this study we explored the possibility to realize a low power device for Cardiac Output continuous monitoring based on impedance cardiography technique. We assessed the possibility to develop a system able to record data allow an intra-subjective analysis based on the daily variations of this measure. The device was able to acquire and to send signals(More)
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