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Inhibitors of histone acetyltransferases KAT6A/B induce senescence and arrest tumour growth
Acetylation of histones by lysine acetyltransferases (KATs) is essential for chromatin organization and function1. Among the genes coding for the MYST family of KATs (KAT5–KAT8) are the oncogenesExpand
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Loss of NF‐&kgr;B1 Causes Gastric Cancer with Aberrant Inflammation and Expression of Immune Checkpoint Regulators in a STAT‐1‐Dependent Manner
&NA; Polymorphisms in NFKB1 that diminish its expression have been linked to human inflammatory diseases and increased risk for epithelial cancers. The underlying mechanisms are unknown, and the linkExpand
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Integrated analysis of Xist upregulation and gene silencing at the onset of random X-chromosome inactivation at high temporal and allelic resolution
To ensure dosage compensation between the sexes, one randomly chosen X chromosome is silenced in each female cell in the process of X-chromosome inactivation (XCI). XCI is initiated during earlyExpand