Guido P Kudielka

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Magnetic resonance thermometry (MRT) offers non-invasive temperature imaging and can greatly contribute to the effectiveness of head and neck hyperthermia. We therefore wish to redesign the HYPERcollar head and neck hyperthermia applicator for simultaneous radio frequency (RF) heating and magnetic resonance thermometry. In this work we tested the(More)
The photocatalytic oxidation of high levels of volatile chlorinated organic compounds in gas phase has been studied using a specially designed photoreactor. The influence of light intensity, initial water vapour concentration, temperature, inlet contaminant concentration and flow rate on destruction efficiency has been investigated. The performance of the(More)
Background Despite recent progress in fast cardiac imaging, respiratory motion remains a challenging problem, usually leading to poor image quality when scanning poor breath-holder patients or acquiring high spatial resolution images. Today respiratory motion is compensated using navigators or external physiological sensors and can result in decreased scan(More)
Phase retrieval in differential X-ray phase contrast imaging involves a one dimensional integration step. In the presence of noise, standard integration methods result in image blurring and streak artifacts. This work proposes a regularized integration method which takes the availability of two dimensional data as well as the integration-specific(More)
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