Guido Masetti

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This paper summarizes the inadequacies of present MOSFET models as applied to analog circuit design and, in some cases, proposes solutions. Both efficient models suitable for CAD and more complex models are considered. Problem areas discussed include poor modeling of the moderate inversion region, poor modeling of the surface potential in strong inversion,(More)
Computer-aided detection (CAD) schemes are decision making support tools, useful to overcome limitations of problematic clinical procedures. Trans-rectal ultrasound image based CAD would be extremely important to support prostate cancer diagnosis. An effective approach to realize a CAD scheme for this purpose is described in this work, employing a(More)
Explicit and accurate formulations for the surface potential against quasi-Fermi potential of the minority carriers in a long-channel MOS transistor are found. Moreover, it is shown that, for a variety of process parameters, these simple formulations, together with a suitable rearrangement of the Brews' model, can be fruitfully adopted for an accurate(More)
An ultrasonic probe was developed by using, in conjunction, opto-acoustic and acousto-optic devices based on fiber optic technology. The intrinsic high frequency and wide bandwidth associated both to the opto-acoustic source and to the acousto-optic receiving element could open a way towards a “virtual biopsy” of biological tissue. A(More)
A macromodel for integrated all-MOS operational amplifiers is developed with reference to circuits where the settling behavior of the op amps is of particular concern. Expressions for the values of the elements of the macromodel are obtained from typical measured characteristics. It is shown that the proposed macromodel can satisfactorily predict both(More)
A four-terminal non-quasi-static transient analysis of the intrinsic long-channel MOSFET is presented. The analysis, which is valid for arbitrary time-varying voltages applied to the device terminals, has been developed on the basis of a model that holds in all the operating regimes of the device (weak, moderate, and strong inversion). The achieved charge(More)
In this work we introduce compact models for both MOS and bipolar transistors used in an advanced smart power technology Deriving the topology of the model on the basis of physical structure and layout geometries we guarantee both physical meaning to model parameters an easy parameters extraction procedure and a similar model structure for parasitic(More)
The accurate carotid plaques segmentation (CPs-S) is essential in the ultrasound (US)-guided carotid atherosclerosis diagnosis. In this work, we propose CAPSU: a completely automated method for CPs-S in US images. The core of the method is an innovative initialization procedure that exploits carotid wall motion analysis to automatically initialize a(More)