Guido Kuehne

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1. The pharmacokinetics of rolipram were studied in rat, rabbit, rhesus monkey and cynomolgus monkey using 14C- or 3H-labelled rolipram and a radioimmunoassay for measurement of unchanged drug. 2. Rolipram was rapidly and completely absorbed after oral doses of up to 50 mg/kg. Bioavailability was 0.1% in rhesus monkey, 3.7% in cynomolgus monkey, 3.6% in(More)
Neutron Radiography (NR) is a valuable non-invasive tool to study in situ root development in soil. However, there is a lacuna of quantitative information on its capabilities and limitations. We combined neutron radiography with image analysis techniques to quantify the neutron absorption coefficients (Σ) of various root-growth media for a range of water(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a well-known phenomenon of athletes. It has been reported from muscle biopsies that the rate of muscle glycogen resynthesis is reduced after eccentric compared to concentric exercise. AIM OF THE STUDY Try to compensate by a carbohydrate (CHO)-rich diet the decelerated glycogen resynthesis after eccentric(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to measure noninvasively the absolute concentrations of muscle adenosine triphosphate [ATP], phosphocreatine [PCr], inorganic phosphate (Pi), and glycogen [Gly] of elite soccer players. METHODS Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (31P- and 13C-MRS) was used to measure the concentrations of metabolites in the calf muscles(More)
Target-specific superparamagnetic contrast agents may allow the localization of specific tissues such as tumors by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In this report the preparation and in vitro characterization of tumor-specific superparamagnetic particles (SMP) are described. Particles of uniform size (9.6 +/- 0.8 nm) were prepared from an alkaline solution(More)
The effect of i.v. ergonovine tartrate infusions (0.05–20 μg/kg/min, 12 minutes duration) on coronary arteries was studied in 14 conscious dogs instrumented to continuously measure vascular diameter by an ultrasonic dimension gauge using 10-MHz piezoelectric crystals. Ergonovine induced a biphasic coronary response: small, transient dilation during the(More)
Nosological questions in psychiatry imply core questions of understanding and interpretation in the field of mental illness. The model of unitary psychosis in contrast to the hypothesis of nosological entities has been discussed in controversial terms for a long time. This history of psychiatry in review of a hundred years' development of psychopathology,(More)
1. The pharmacokinetics of rolipram were studied in healthy male volunteers using 3H-rolipram and a radioimmunoassay for measurement of unchanged drug. 2. Rolipram was rapidly and completely absorbed after an oral dose of 1 mg. Bioavailability was 73%. 3. Plasma levels of the unchanged drug declined with a terminal half-life of 2 h. The total clearance of(More)
1. The metabolism of D,L-rolipram in man was studied by comparison of h.p.l.c. radiochromatograms of plasma and urine obtained at various times following oral and/or s.c. administration to man, rat, rabbit, and rhesus and cynomolgus monkey. 2. Seven metabolites isolated previously from man, rat, and rhesus monkey urine by preparative h.p.l.c. and identified(More)