Guido Kaufmann

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This paper describes a complete system for the automated reading of amounts extracted from bank and postal cheques. We focus our description on the steps where we developed and applied new techniques. These are the reading of the legal amount and the cross-validation of the recognition results for the legal and courtesy amount. In our work we deal with(More)
On-line recognition differs from off-line recognition in that additional information about the drawing order of the strokes is available. This temporal information makes it easier to recognize handwritten texts with an on-line recognition system. In this paper we present a method for the recovery of the stroke order from static handwritten images. The(More)
Abstract. An important subtask in the automated reading of bank checks by an OCR program is the combination of the recognition results of the courtesy and the legal amount. In this paper we present some new techniques to solve this problem. First, a systematic approach for the translation of the legal amount into a digit string is described. The technique(More)
We succeeded in building an Internet service to support virtual enterprises using a three-layers approach: In the bottom layer, community services enable companies to establish new partnerships with others. Here, the central element is the competence market where competencies can either be bid or called for, bringing potential partners together in the(More)