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The hemodynamic effects of an intravenous dose of 1 mg/kg of Cibenzoline, a new anti-arrhythmic agent with properties of classes I, III and IV of the Vaughan-Williams classification, were studied in 9 patients during routine cardiac catheterization. Six patients had valvular heart disease (aortic insufficiency in 5 and mitral stenosis in 1), one patient had(More)
A haemodynamic study was performed in 12 men aged between 28 and 64 years, including 8 with clinical signs of congestive cardiac failure and an ejection fraction of less than 50 per cent. The pulmonary artery pressure, capillary pressure, left ventricular pressure, cardiac output and the arterial and venous oxygen tensions were measured before (T 0) and(More)
Crusted scabies is a rare and severe form of infestation by Sarcoptes scabies var. hominis. It is characterized by profuse hyperkeratosis containing over 4000 mites per gram of skin, with treatment being long and difficult. The condition is both direct and indirectly contagious. It has a central role in epidemic cycles of scabies, the incidence of which is(More)
BACKGROUND Crusted scabies, also known as Norwegian scabies, is a rare and extremely debilitating form of Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis infestation that generally occurs in immunosuppressed patients. Herein, we report a "historic" and fatal case. PATIENTS AND METHODS A 52-year-old woman was admitted to the emergency department presenting crusted(More)
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