Guido Kämper

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The upcoming IEEE 802.11e standard for Wireless LAN has gained a lot of popularity, recently. It improves the Medium Access Control (MAC) of the legacy 802.11 with regard to Quality of Service (QoS) by introducing the Enhanced Distributed Channel Access (EDCA) and the HCF Controlled Channel Access (HCCA). In contrast to the legacy Distributed Coordination(More)
Sensory neurons in the cricket cuticle project with their axons in a spatially ordered manner into the central nervous system. There they possess synapses with particular interneurons, according to their receptor type, age and the location on the body surface. A sensory neuron is programmed at the time of differentiation by an unknown position specific(More)
The role of positional information in synapse formation was studied in the cricket cercal sensory system by transplanting epidermis from one species of cricket to another. Strips of cercal epidermis containing identified sensory neurons were transplanted from a black donor species to a tan host species; the color difference was used to distinguish between(More)
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