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According to the statistic office of the European Union (Eurostat), Germany is the main producer of waste wood in Europe followed by France, United Kingdom, Italy and Finland. Based on the characteristics of the waste wood, it can be classified in four (4) categories: A I, A II, A III and A IV. This paper focuses in the A I waste wood since is the only(More)
With overall higher use of wood and wooden materials in the future, the importance of recycled wood will increase. Recycled wood is currently used for the production of wood based composites and for combustion. In the future, use of recycled wood will also be important as feedstock for biorefineries for the production of bio-based chemicals and biofuels.(More)
The influence of some parameters (wood species, binder content, water repellent finish, wood humidity and roughness) on the wetting of MDF was investigated by means of contact angle measurements with selected test liquids (water, glycerol, ethylene glycol and diiodmethane) using the sessile drop method. The investigations show that contact angle(More)
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