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Background: Recently, excellent results are reported on laparoscopic lavage in patients with purulent perforated diverticulitis as an alternative for sigmoidectomy and ostomy. The objective of this study is to determine whether LaparOscopic LAvage and drainage is a safe and effective treatment for patients with purulent peritonitis (LOLA-arm) and to(More)
A 67-year-old male presented with abdominal pain followed by respiratory distress. Imaging revealed a right-sided Bochdalek's hernia. At thoracotomy two days later, an incarcerated small bowel segment was removed, with a protracted post-operative course. In adults, a Bochdalek's hernia is rare and usually asymptomatic. However, when symptoms do occur,(More)
The Internet is a fast growing, global computer network that is easy to access at a low cost. This form of communication allows rapid electronic exchange of information such as text, pictures, animations, video and sound. This offers physicians an opportunity to enhance the quality of patient care, research and communication with colleagues. Patients who(More)
OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the reliability of diagnostic codification by the Medical Codification Department (MCD) as a method of national hospital identification of multiple injury patients and description of epidemiology and mortality among the multiple injury group studied. DESIGN Prospective/retrospective and descriptive. SETTING Free University(More)
Rectal prolapse must be distinguished from anal prolapse or mucosal prolapse since the treatment differs. The only effective treatment for rectal prolapse is surgery. The fact that rectal prolapse causes severe disability and that the morbidity of the current surgical treatment is low justifies surgery even at advanced age. Moreover, the success rate is(More)
OBJECTIVE Analysis of the introduction of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in practice DESIGN Retrospective and descriptive. METHOD The introduction process of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in the Sint Franciscus Gasthuis (hospital) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, was divided into 3 phases: the pioneers phase (1 August 2002 to 31 August 2004), the(More)
A laparoscopic modification of the sacrocolpopexy procedure with mesh and bone anchor fixation with the Franciscan laparoscopic bone anchor inserter was developed. We developed a laparoscopic bone anchor inserter for the placement of a titanium bone anchor in sacral segment 3 as fixation for the mesh in laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy procedures performed in(More)
Dissection of the mesentery of the distal sigmoid or rectum before transection with a linear stapler in laparoscopic colorectal surgery is time consuming, can cause irritating bleeding, and can harm the vascularization of the distal part of the bowel anastomosis. A new linear stapling technique in laparoscopic colorectal surgery is presented. This technique(More)