Guido Garavaglia

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Myoblast transplantation is a potential therapy for severe muscle trauma, myopathies and heart infarct. Success with this therapy relies on the ability to obtain cell preparations enriched in myogenic precursor cells and on their survival after transplantation. To define myoblast transplantation strategies applicable to patients, we used a large animal(More)
This case presents the challenges of the surgical management for a patient with a history of recurrent posterior shoulder instability and subsequently traumatic anterior dislocation. The patient was already on the waiting list for an arthroscopic posterior stabilization with anchors, when a car accident caused an additional anterior shoulder dislocation.(More)
The Latarjet procedure is a confirmed method for the treatment of shoulder instability in the presence of bone loss. It is a challenging procedure for which a key point is the correct placement of the coracoid graft onto the glenoid neck. We here present our technique for an athroscopically assisted Latarjet procedure with a new drill guide, permitting an(More)
PURPOSE With the advent of arthroscopic shoulder surgery the comprehension and description of rotator cuff tears have strongly evolved. Subscapularis tears are difficult to recognize and are underestimated. Our purpose is to report our observations concerning the relative frequency of subscapularis tears in patients undergoing arthroscopic rotator cuff(More)
BACKGROUND Palsies involving the anterior interosseous nerve (AIN) comprise less than 1% of all upper extremity nerve palsies. OBJECTIVES This case highlights the potential vascular and neurological hazards of minimal penetrating injury of the proximal forearm and emphasizes the phenomenon of delayed presentation of vascular injuries following seemingly(More)
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