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A mixture of neutral short-chain galactooligosaccharides (scGOS) and long-chain fructooligosaccharides (lcFOS) has been shown to reduce the incidence of atopic dermatitis (AD) and infectious episodes during the first 6 mo of life. This dual protection occurred through the intervention period. The present study evaluated if these protective effects were(More)
A mixture of neutral short chain galactooligosaccharides and long chain fructo-oligosaccharides (scGOS/lcFOS) has been shown to have prebiotic and immunomodulatory effects comparable to human milk oligosaccharides. This can be translated into clinical practice as a potential to prevent infections and allergy. The hypothesis of this study was that this(More)
BACKGROUND Oligosaccharides may alter postnatal immune development by influencing the constitution of gastrointestinal bacterial flora. AIMS To investigate the effect of a prebiotic mixture of galacto- and long chain fructo-oligosaccharides on the incidence of atopic dermatitis (AD) during the first six months of life in formula fed infants at high risk(More)
The vaccine response to poliovirus, diphtheria and tetanus toxoids in relation to protein intake was studied in infants, either breast-fed or given low (1.1 g/100 ml) or conventional (1.5 g/100 ml) protein formula. Serum, saliva and faeces antibodies were measured by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. Neutralizing poliovirus antibodies were determined.(More)
BACKGROUND It has been suggested that human breast milk oligosaccharides play a role in the development of the immune system in infants, and may consequently inhibit the onset of allergy. A specific prebiotic mixture of short-chain galacto-oligosaccharides and long-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (GOS/FOS) has been shown to reduce the incidence of atopic(More)
AIMS Recent data suggest that sub-clinical structural abnormalities may be part of the Brugada syndrome (BrS) phenotype, a disease traditionally thought to occur in the structurally normal heart. In this study, we carried out detailed assessment of cardiac morphology and function using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMRI). METHODS AND RESULTS Thirty(More)
Calcium excretion and absorption were evaluated in hypercalciuric calcium stone formers by the study of Sr2+ excretion and absorption after an oral load. Ca2+ stone formers (n = 140) were studied, and the results were compared in the 83 of them who had idiopathic hypercalciuria and in the 57 who had Ca2+ excretion within reference values. Hypercalciuric(More)
In order to study the relationship between circulating levels of CA 15-3 and the disease extent in predicting survival, we prospectively followed 312 breast cancer (BC) patients, from October 1988 to March 1995, from the time of first relapse. CA 15-3 values were assessed before treatment onset. Disease extent was defined as the percentage of liver or lung(More)
Environmental benzene levels were measured in 26 petrol stations using both active and passive stationary and personal samplers. Simultaneously, benzene levels were measured in the petrol station operators on blood samples collected at the end of the work shift and the following morning before starting work. The petrol stations belonged to various different(More)
BACKGROUND Human milk oligosaccharides have been shown to stimulate selectively the growth of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the intestine. In this study, the bifidogenic effect of an experimental prebiotic oligosaccharide mixture consisting of low-molecular-weight galactooligosaccharides and high-molecular-weight fructooligosaccharides was analyzed in(More)