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— The problem of scheduling packet transmissions for data gathering in wireless sensor networks is studied in this paper. A scenario is considered where different sources contemporarily sense an event and signal the acquired information to a sink. Energy-latency trade-offs for data gathering in sensor networks are explored by means of Integer Linear(More)
— This paper deals with scatternet formation in Blue-tooth. A scatternet is an ad hoc network of Bluetooth devices. Some works in the literature rely on the single-hop hypothesis, i.e., all devices are in radio visibility of each other. Other works refer to the more likely circumstance that devices are scattered in an area where some of them can not(More)
— In a scenario where different radio technologies cooperate to provide access to the Internet and advanced wireless services to mobile and nomadic users, Bluetooth is considered an enabling technology for the Personal Area Networking segment. To this aim, Bluetooth devices should be able to setup a wireless multi-hop network with given topological(More)
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