Guido Cossu

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This paper describes a novel multilayer (ML) path computation element (PCE) architecture based on a hybrid approach. Such a method operates in all network life cycles, optimizing both the design and the operative phases. The hybrid PCE is based on combined non-realtime and real-time operation and is able to integrate control and management functions. This(More)
In this proceedings we discuss the motivation, implementation details, and performance of a new physics code base called Grid. It is intended to be more performant, more general, but similar in spirit to QDP++[6]. Our approach is to engineer the basic type system to be consistently fast, rather than bolt on a few optimised routines, and we are attempt to(More)
In order to simulate QCD at finite temperature with a cost-effective machine, in Pisa University I developed in collaboration with my colleagues an implementation of the RHMC algorithm with Nf staggered flavors running on Graphics Processing Units, using the NVIDIA CUDA programming language. The main feature of our code is that the GPU is not used just as(More)
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