Guido Angelo Pomidossi

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Changes in blood pressure in 10 or 15 min periods during which a doctor repeatedly measured blood pressure by the cuff method were monitored by a continuous intra-arterial recorder. In almost all the 48 normotensive and hypertensive subjects tested the doctor's arrival at the bedside induced immediate rises in systolic and diastolic blood pressures peaking(More)
In man evaluation of neural cardiovascular regulation makes use of a variety of tests which address the excitatory and reflex inhibitory neural influences that control circulation. Because interpretation of these tests is largely based on the magnitude of the elicited haemodynamic responses, their reproducibility in any given subject is critical. In 39(More)
INTRODUCTION Coronary artery aneurysm is an uncommon disease. It is defined as a coronary artery dilatation, exceeding the diameter of the normal adjacent segment or the diameter of the patient's largest coronary vessel by 1.5 to 2 times. Coronary artery aneurysms are typically diagnosed by coronary angiography. The prognosis of coronary artery aneurysm is(More)
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