Guido Alvarez

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An intellectual deficit in low socio-economic strata (S-E) of underdeveloped countries is widespread. A similar phenomenon is observed in industrialized countries and is known as socio-cultural retardation (S-CR); one theory holds that it is due to psychosensory deprivation whilst another denies that there is in fact a deficit, there being only middle(More)
An intellectual deficit is known to exist in populations where extreme poverty is rife and is thus seen extensively in the lower socio-economic strata of underdeveloped nations. Poverty is a complex entity whose sociological and economic indicators often bear little relevance to the biological agents which can affect the central nervous system. An attempt(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory tasks to delineate anxiety disorder features are used to refine classification and inform our understanding of etiological mechanisms. The present study examines laboratory measures of response inhibition, specifically the inhibition of a pre-potent motor response, in clinical anxiety. Data on associations between anxiety and response(More)
In this research, methods and computational results based on statistical analysis and mathematical modelling, data collection in situ in order to make a hazard map of Hanta Virus infection in the region of Araucania, Chile are presented. The development of this work involves several elements such as Landsat satellite images, biological information regarding(More)
EVO: Ten Questions Everyone Should Ask About Evolution (EVO) is a new educational film by Hummingbird Films, a Spencertown, New York-based husband and wife team consisting of filmmaker John Feldman and composer/arranger Sheila Silver. As its name implies, the film, created with the lay viewer in mind, presents a summary of what biological evolution is and(More)
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