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—This paper proposes a numerical model of the soil ionization phenomena that can occur when earth electrodes are injected by high pulse transient currents, as the one associated with a direct lightning stroke. Based on finite difference time domain numerical scheme, this model ascribes the electrical breakdown in the soil to the process of discharge in the(More)
Keywords: ADI leapfrog method Meshless methods Smoothed particle electromagnetics a b s t r a c t Grid based methods coupled with an explicit approach for the evolution in time are traditionally adopted in solving PDEs in computational electromagnetics. The discretiza-tion in space with a grid covering the problem domain and a stability step size(More)
The Inductive Power Transfer represents a viable solution of wireless battery charging for all users of electric mobility. This method brings some benefits to the electric vehicles, being a convenient technique, compared to the conventional wire-based battery charging. Among the electric vehicles, the electric bicycles particularly fit with this innovative(More)
A meshless particle method based on an unconditionally stable time domain numerical scheme, oriented to electromagnetic transient simulations, is presented. The proposed scheme improves the smoothed particle electromagnetics method, already developed by the authors. The time stepping is approached by using the alternating directions implicit finite(More)