Guicai Wang

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A vision-aided navigation system for autonomous aircraft is described in this paper. The vision navigation of the aircraft to the known scence is performed with a camera fixed on the aircraft. The location and pose of the aircraft are estimated with the corresponding control points which can be detected in the images captured. The control points are(More)
A novel method is presented based on image segmentation and features point for stereo matching. Firstly, we analyse texture of the original image for distinguishing less texture and similar texture regions, as a result, we can achieve image segmentation by label image texture region. Meanwhile, we can remove smaller regions by blob filter; Then, SIFT(More)
Visual feature extraction is foundation of lunar surface topography reconstruction. The paper studies visual feature extraction for lunar surface images, and then offers the visual feature extraction algorithm for lunar surface images. The experimental results show that the algorithm has good adaptability to illumination change, scale change and rotation(More)
A novel image registration algorithm was presented based on features point and clustering. Firstly, the believable matching points could be extracted from reference image and pre-registration image by using from coarse to fine matching, and which could be used to carry out geometric transform parameters. Meanwhile the map image was obtained by transform(More)
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